It is the simplest level of participation which shows an interesting historical or contemporary solution. It generates the gallery constituted by the photographs that the participants in the competitions have submitted.

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It is the second level of participation which shows an interesting case by presenting photographs of the interior and exterior as well as drawings of the opening in question. To participate it is just necessary to load the information on the website when the notifications are announced.

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This third level analyzes the evolution of the windows that have been designed by an architect or those that define the history of a place.

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It’s a document of study mainly focused on the work in the project and provides technical documentation in order to facilitate decision making. Example: The use of flattened expanded metal sheet as sun shading.

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They are university thesis about a subject with academic interest which are also worth disseminating to the professional world. Example: Shutters by Gaudí.

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FILTR3S relies on the university work by announcing competitions and assigning grants for contributing to our platform.


This work is structured in 5 levels: