Intermediate spaces




The best photos of an intermediate space will be awarded: spaces protected from the outside by a filter, but do not have the comfort features of an indoor space
This is the case of the galleries that capture the sun through a window but do not have greater thermal protection, or shaded spaces after a blind but without watertightness, and many others that can be formed by separating the different filters that guarantee indoor comfort. 
Particular attention will be paid to the ability of the photo to express the warmth, or coolness, or the half-light of this intermediate space
The photo frame should show both the atmosphere and the filter that makes it possible.

FORMAT :The submitted photo should show the atmosphere and the filter that makes it possible. Exaggerated vertical perspective lines, and dramatic light contrasts should be avoidedIt is recommended that the proportion of the frame is between 1-1.5 and 1-2 (horizontal), to unify the vision of the proposals in the Gallery. 
For the first phase of the contest, the photo will be submitted in filt3rs format, but selected proposals must send a high resolution photo by email when request
The contestant must be the author of the submitted photo. The evidence of the way of occupying space will be considered, always that recognizable people have given their consent.

The author of all kind of documentation (texts, sketches, photographs) must be the person contesting. Your work will be under a Creative Commons licensed (CC BY-SA 3.0). This license require users to attribute the original creator(s) of a work, commercial uses of your work is not permitted, and modifications of your work as long as others share alike will be allowed.

JURY PROCESS :The final vote will be open. Filt3rs jury will select some finalists, and internet users will choose the winners among these proposals by popular vote.

DATES:The deadline of the contest is on 31 of October. The selected photos will be announced on 7th of November, and the popular vote will last until 15th of December. Three days after then, the winners will be announced.

AWARD:  There is a 600 € award, that may be divided between two winners if the jury considered necessary. The award may be declared void.

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