About filt3rs


FILT3RS is a platform that disseminates new knowledge about a broad understanding of types of openings and filtering devices that connect our buildings from the interior to the exterior

Filt3rs aims to promote the design of windows, balconies, covered balconies and filtering elements, such as shutters, blinds and lattices, to achieve the variety of possibilities required by our climates and our habits to control the relationship between the interior and the exterior environment.

knowledge may be applied to:

students  to give them opportunities to participate and have advanced study material. Through Filt3rs students learn to observe and are provided tools to understand [PS1] the richness of traditional windows and the value of the designs of many contemporary architects.

teachers to provide them with teaching material, contacts with companies of the facade industry and incentives through prizes and publications and to introduce students to this field. All teachers have an internal virtual classroom where they may receive and correct the work of their students.

professionals to give them access to reference material, notes on regulations and documentation about technical innovations for young architects to have all the documentation they may need to design the most beautiful[PS2]  and efficient windows.

The platform is supported by a network of universities coordinated by the Department of Architectural Technology of the School of Architecture of Barcelona(Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura Barcelona).


This platform was developed to challenge the general disregard in contemporary architecture for the comfort openings in facades may provide.

The typical window in residential buildings of the 19th century was the result of a long process of experimentation, through which evolved many filtering elements. Examples of these are the countless types of shutters and lattices, the numerous ways windows may be opened and the interior and exterior solid shutters, curtains and net curtains. Because of these advances better interior conditions for any activity and the desired relationship with the exterior could be achieved at any moment.

The minimalism of Le Corbusier’s “pan de verre” succeeded in the educated world imposing insubstantially glazed frames. Today the window industry produces more and more sophisticated glass with high costs that do not achieve the efficiency levels of various traditionally window systems.  Users have no control over these innovative glazings to have the desired conditions for any space, at any moment or for any activity.  The technical and architectural possibilities that we have at our disposal today give us many ways to recover those possibilities of comfort. The progressive requirements of energy savings and sustainability also add up to incentives to again take advantage of the diverse benefits of user adjustable filters.


Filt3rs is an initiative of Ignacio Paricio, professor at Barcelona School o Architecture (UPC) and manager of the platform along with the collaboration of the Department of Architectural Technology and others. Within the Department  Oriol Roig has contributed to the content management.

Filt3rs is supported by industries that appear on the homepage while independent selection criteria to publish materials is maintained.

Filt3rs brings together an international group of teachers that promote their use in various countries and assist in the definition of the contests and evaluation.

Ana Paricio is responsible for building and  designing the platform and Julien Reulos provides web programming.