Vertical Gradpanel-R louvers on library in Barcelona [410]

This is the Library of the Faculty of Fine Arts, at the University of Barcelona. The solar protection is achieved with vertical Gradpanel-R slats in all facades. The three floors have the same type of filter, organized in a very regular façade, reinforcing its rationality with vertical concrete volumes.

As we can see in the second photo, the slats can be rotated vertically in groups, adapting to the needs of each inner space and each moment. This movement seeks to compensate the fact that the openings are defined by the regularity of the façade and not by the needs of each interior space.

The fact that the metal slats reflect diffuse light allows some light collection to the inward space, as we can see in the last photos.

General view of the building: 
Biblioteca de la facultat de Belles Arts, Universitat de Barcelona
Baldiri i Reixac, 2
08028 Barcelona , Barcelona

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Nil Carbó, ETSAB student 2014

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Nil Carbó, ETSAB student 2014