Louvered visors with views to the Street by Nouvel [586]

Jean Nouvel was inspired by one of the most interesting Mediterranean solutions when designing these Austrian offices: the blind projected outwards round the upper horizontal axis. It is a very appropriate setting because the projected frame keeps solar protection without obstructing the views to the street. As the slats in the frame are pivoting, when the sun is high in the sky, they can be twisted to achieve a glimpse into the distant landscape without losing protection. In this case the protection is also achieved with the large cantilevered planters situated at the height of the parapet.

To demonstrate the interest of the architect in the vision of the immediate surroundings, the parapet is glazed and its transparency and the triangular shape of the planters directs the view down between the powerful structure holding the planters.


General view of the building: 
Interunfall Headquarters
19, Brielgase
6900 Bregenz
Outer element: 
Authorship of the graphical documentation: 

published in elCroquis 112/113