Between the sun and the street



And the winner is ...

Multiple case facade in Banyoles [289] This award recognizes the value of the presented case by its effort to recover a solution, now disappeared, which perfectly fits the contest: reconcile the vision of the street with blinds. In the terraces, the separation of the shutter enables viewing down through a hole. In the bedroom area that separation leads to a small gap as an intermediate space, used as a planter.


striped views. light-views-air renewal control [213]

 Thai Traditional Filtering [246]

Glass Louvers on UPC building [179]


Deployé folding-sliding shutters on southwest facade [283] Vertical sliding panels of wood and marbel in Paseo de Gracia [156] A filter's symphony in a street named Bach [293]


Two directions fixed louvers for UPC Nord Building [214]

3x3 Vegetation - Wicker vertical pivoting louvers - Empty space [158]


Theme: Filters that protect the exceeding solar radiation but ease the visual relation with the street.

The Northern Italian traditional windows, with their two hinged louvered shutters and pivoting guides are a clear example of solar protection and full vision from the interior to the street. Also suggesting can be the roll-up blinds hanging over the balcony that in narrow streets allow lateral vision to the street extension while protecting ones privacy. Even roller shutters with guides projecting to the exterior are worthy to reconsider. We are searching for case studies that combine both objectives in a beautiful, useful and ingenious way.

Format: All participants will submit at a case study of an existing window that, at their consideration, better resolves the relations required. The format will be a filt3rs CASE, under the participate menu. It must contain several exterior and interior photographs and a detailed section or sketch of the building.

Criteria: The jury will take into account, in this order:

  1. The interest of the presented solution.
  2. The contemporaneity of the case.
  3. The contemporary use of traditional solutions.
  4. The quality of the presented material.

Jury: Jose Maria Ferreira (Jofebar), Eduard Bru, Ignacio Paricio, Cristina Pardal

The author of all kind of documentation (texts, sketches, photographs) must be the person contesting. Your work will be under a Creative Commons licensed (CC BY-SA 3.0). This license require users to attribute the original creator(s) of a work, commercial uses of your work is not permitted, and modifications of your work as long as others share alike will be allowed.

Dates:The deadline is postponed to February 10th 2013

Award:  Prize Jofebar awarded with 1000 Euros