FILT3RS is a platform that disseminates knowledge about a broad understanding of types of openings and filtering devices that connect our buildings from the interior to the exterior. It wants to promote the design of windows, balconies, covered balconies and its filtering elements, such as shutters, blinds and lattices, in order to achieve the variety of possibilities required by our climates and our habits to control the relationship between the interior and the exterior. Read more →

Filt3rs turns three years old and its aim has been gradually defined. Its success is highly remarkable (from 4 to 8000 visits per month, with over twenty thousand visited pages). This diffusion encourages promoting the platform as a way to make public my concerns about the control of interior/exterior relations in architecture. I will develop these issues, linking some contributions in our gallery.

The fragmented opening

fragmented opening wood madera contraventana shutter maison jaoul corbusier neuilly sur seine


deploye 549 murcia alcayna fernado retes aparicio

Whisk-away façades

decameron store marcio kogan pedro vannucchi horizontal sliding gran corredera policarbonato

Reflective curtains

Light collection  

A unique wrapping