Drilled folding-sliding metal panels in Paris by H&dM [576]

This is another case of drilled folding-sliding metal panels. It is very similar to [587], also by H&dM, but here the perforations are rectangular shaped, and smaller. However, the percentage of perforation is probably higher, around 50%.

The metal sheet is folded zigzag rather than corrugated; this difference changes a little the regularity of transparency from the inside.

The view of the outside through these panels is very complete, because the higher density of smaller perforations facilitates the work of the brain in reconstructing the entire image. It reminds us the image through a crochet curtain.

General view of the building: 
149 rue des Suisses
75014 Paris
Intermediate Spaces: 

Ph1: Trevor.patt from Flickr
Ph2, Ph3: Hisao Suzuki, from el Croquis 109-110
Ph4, Ph5: Jose Carlos Melo Dias, from Flickr 
Ph6: Violeta Linares blogspot

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