Interesting but uncomfortable light displays in library [447]

The main façade of the building is characterised by the first layer of filters, a fixed metal mesh that doesn't allow to see the interior from the exterior.
As second layer we find a filter of vertical pivoting textile louvers, which can form some differents atmospheres in the reading room of the library.
Between them we find an intermediate space, a kind of balcony inside the metal mesh façade.

As we can see in the upper photo, the exterior mesh creates interesting light displays, but as it can't be regulated, it is useless for the function of the reading room of the library. For that reason, another filter was placed in the interior.


General view of the building: 
Garcia Nieto's library
C/ Mossèn Andreu
08940 CORNELLA , Barcelona
Intermediate Spaces: 

Sergio Morales, ETSAB student 2013

Authorship of the graphical documentation: 

Sergio Morales, ETSAB student 2013