Telescopic vertically sliding slats in Zurich [125]

The Atelier P3 placed these upwards vertically sliding solar protection on this building by Graber Pulver in Zurich. It is composed of three raising microperforated aluminum sheets that hide behind a fixed architrave of the same material. The perforations are so tiny and close that it is hardly noticeable from the outside, which is a better combination of solar protection and outward visibility.

It is a pity that the displacement of the slats has, apparently, only three positions corresponding to the displacement of each slat. The movement is always done from the bottom up even though on the base of the building the lower slats are the most exterior (in relation to the facade plane). The independent opening of the central slat, on the eye high, would be very interesting.More images here.


General view of the building: 
Europaallee - Baufeld G
Gustav-Gull-Platz 6
8004 Zurich

Cristina Pardal