Roller shutters on curve guides by H&dM [578]

This three floor apartment building faces to a courtyard, where the continuous gallery is protected by wooden roller shutters that vertically slide along casting guides.

The trajectory of the shutter is curved, with a different shape on each floor, but always increasing the width of the terraces at the height of the view.

One of the purposes of these blinds is obviously to protect the privacy of the occupants. But it is not possible without noticeably darkening the inner space. We would like to recall here the fantastic double shutter solution adopted by Gaudí in La Pedrera.

General view of the building: 
149 rue des Suisses
75014 Paris
Intermediate Spaces: 

Ph1, Ph2, Ph3, Ph4: Hisao Suzuki, from el Croquis 109-110 
Ph5, Ph6: Nicolás Fernández Sanz, from flickr 

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