Glass slats with translucent overlapped serigraphs [577]

What caught the most my attention on this building was the skilful serigraph on the glass slats. Each slat consists of two glass sheets, each printed on one side and glued together on the other side. They are arranged so that when the slat is parallel to the front façade, the serigraph bands on one side overlap the gaps on the other side, and all the glass appears to be translucent. When the slats rotate 45 degrees, the serigraph bands overlap among them, and vertical transparent strips appear between the translucent bands.

The slats are horizontal in the south-south-east facade and vertical in east and west ones. This alternation evidences that the designers put ahead the effectiveness of solar protection over the homogeneousness excesses of minimalisms.


General view of the building: 
AGC glass building
Avenue Jean Monet, 4
B-1348 Ottignies - Louvain-la-Neuve
Intermediate Spaces: 

Ph1, Ph2, Ph6: Jean-Michel BYL
Ph3, Ph4, Ph5, Ph7: Marie-Françoise PLISSART
Courtesy of Samyn and Partners

Authorship of the graphical documentation: 

Courtesy of Samyn and Partners