Sverre Fehn’s fragmented Windows [243]

Norrkoping House windows have no solar protection, but we bring them here for their exquisite fragmentation. These corners through where the interior spaces overlook the exterior are formed by a wooden carpentry dividing 10 glasses. Pivoting doors swing on an eccentric vertical axis to overlap the perpendicular brick facade. This element has a small vertical leave that can be open for ventilation. In the corner, the glass overlaps outwards, generating two flat shelves for objects or plants.

Thus resolved, with small variations, three of the four corners of the house. The fourth is formed by two large glass pivoting leaves, joining in the corner. Its opening leads to a broad outside-inside communication right where the life of the house looks out.


General view of the building: 
Villa Norrkoping Norrkoping
Intermediate Spaces: 
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