Perforated louvered façade on Ceuta library [252]

The Ceuta Public Library is a compact volume built with concrete. It is wrapped in microperforated metal slats, covering both openings and opaque walls. As we explained in “Micro perforated sheets and slats [056]” the drillings have to be conveniently studied. This case is a good solution because the percentage of perforation is low, to prevent the entrance of direct sunrays, but high enough to allow visibility of the outside.

The slight slope of the slats places the drillings with the same orientation of certain direction of sunrays. If the slope was turned to the other side, it would create a kind of visor above the drillings.

Moreover, the fact that the wrapping covers both openings and opaque walls, and also uncovers some other windows, make us think that the one of the objectives of the elements was to give the building a unitary image, that excitingly evolves during the day depending on the sun incidence.

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Public library in Ceuta 51001 Ceuta

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