Urban shutter; domestic awnings [250]

The two solutions adopted for resolving the filters in the facades of this building in Madrid are really appropriated. From all point of views: functional, formal, and constructive.The architects resort to the adequate practicability system attending the different orientations: Rolling upwards on the southeast façade and practicable on a vertical axis in the northwest. In the northwest facade, when the shutter is open it perfectly blocks the latest sun rays in summer while preserving the views to the street. The materials been used are massive in the more urban façade, and subtle and light textile in the most domestic. In the first one, an absolute order prevails, while in the second, two different widths of awnings, combined with a certain randomness on their distribution, give a fresh disorder.And it is finally the apparent simplicity in the resolution of the different encounters that prints an image of sober elegance.

General view of the building: 
Edificio de viviendas
28012 Madrid , Madrid
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