Drilled and corrugated folding-sliding panels by H&dM [587]

Herzog & de Meuron studio is carefully exploring the possibilities of perforated sheet filters; (see also [576] by the same architects).The whole façade of this building in Munich is covered with a layer of horizontal folding sliding metal panels. The manipulation of these leaves can be done from the inside through a sophisticated mechanism, so as a pantograph.

Each leaf is formed from a drilled metal sheet, with circular perforations about a couple of centimetres diameter. The perforated sheet is then corrugated, giving the panel more rigidity and a more complex transparency.

From the inside, the visual texture of the metal sheet seems a textile curtain, and allows the view to the outside and an adequate lighting. Solar protection is not very high, but perhaps appropriate to these latitudes.

General view of the building: 
Fünf Höfe
Theatinerstraße 11
80333 Munich

Ph1, Ph2, Ph3, Ph5: Hisao Suzuki, from elCroquis 109-110 - Fünf Höfe 
Ph6: Margherita Spiluttini, from flickr

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