Reflective panels providing light and privacy [571]

Coll-Barreu build a Firemen house and Policemen house with the same reflective element, which they explain:The inclined element of the façade is a fixed element with reflecting surfaces on both sides. This inclined panel is placed on the changing rooms of both projects, in front of floor to ceiling sliding windows. These windows provide an adequate natural ventilation of the very humid environment of a changing room. The inclined panels provide privacy to these spaces while giving them natural light and views of the outside and the sky. These advantages achieve high spatial and environmental quality of the designed changing rooms, traditionally shady and residual areas. In addition, the interposition in façade of these inclined elements has an implication on the general perception of the building wrapping, as a continuous system of crumpled metal panels and glass surfaces, without the irruption that would cause the vision of a scalar element as the sliding window. In this direction, the inclined panel is made with the same dimensional and constructive module that the other in the facade.

It might be a modern reinterpretation of traditional reflectors in narrow streets in Old Town, as this one in Barcelona


General view of the building: 

Courtesy of Coll-Barreu Arquitectos: Juan Rodríguez, Aleix Bagué