Deployé folding-sliding shutters on southwest facade [283]

This housing building, by Pampols Arquitecte, is located in a street of the old town of Lleida, with the main façade orientated to southwest. Considering the inclination of the sun, there should be found a solar protection that even when closed allowed visual relate with the street and avoided the feeling of confinement.

The solution chosen is the deployé, which thanks to the succession of tiny slats gets to shadow the small holes below and avoid direct entrance of radiation. At the same time, thanks to the ability of our brain to complete the whole image from small fractions, it allows us to have a perfect view of the street.

In addition, the perforated sheet is fixed on profiles of  folding-sliding shutters, which allows us to fully open, or orientate them in the direction of the sun. This perforated shutters are used both to protect windows and terraces.

C/ Cavallers
25002 Lleida
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