A filter's symphony in a street named Bach [293]

Main facade from an apartment building made with three different kinds of filters which contribute in a solar shading and privacy protection and create a nice geometrical shadow in the inside too; two of them, the famework of squared and perforated ceramic pieces and the wood louvered shutter are analyzed in detail. 

Main facade

Section of the ceramic pieces framework and the louvered shutter in relation with the slab and the interior joinery of the fragmented window placed in the living room of the apartment. Both the small pieces and the louvers hinder the direct sun rays letting the light enter in a more diffuse way; it’s function is also to create a much more pleasant space by creating a privacy protection and blocking the direct impact of the rain on the window keeping it clean.The pieces let the light flood the room creating a dreamy geometrical sequence of shadows projected on the floor and the horizontal sliding movement of the louvered shutter lets the users move the protection mostly all over the window letting them choose if they want to create a cozy space with little light to read a nice book with just the focus of a floor lamp or a big and illuminated receiving hall to invite their guests on Christmas eve.

General view of the building: 
Apartments building
c/ Johan Sebastian Bach, 28
08021 Barcelona , Barcelona
Outer element: 

Case studied in partnership between Andrea Mas and Elena Miralles.


Elena Miralles and Andrea Mas

Authorship of the graphical documentation: 

Elena Miralles and Andrea Mas