The Supergradhermetic is a unique blind. I don’t know any other blind with pivoting slats that can also be rolled. Currently the primacy is disputed with pivoting and stackable blinds as Metal·lic, also from Gradhermetic, and Metalunic from Griesser. But it is still the only pivoting slats blind with the advantages of reducing its height. Obviously the rolling space has some disadvantages according to the current thermal and acoustic protection demands, and therefore should be placed outside or be specially designed.The mechanism is a particular invention of the founder of the firm in the forties. At a specific point of the sliding guide, one of the pins of the master slat enters a canal that leads it to a suspension position of all slats.But its appeal is the combination of the adjustability of the slats with its total hiding. The solar protection, light control and visual transparency conditions are excellent. Its use is also very comfortable. My living room opens to a wide view over Barcelona protected by five motorized Supergradhermetic, offering magnificent possibilities. Perhaps the only disadvantage is that the blades can only pivot when the blind is fully lowered, but on the other hand, it is the only one that can provide complete darkening.

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