Gradpanel 80/120 – Vertical folding-sliding

Gradpanel-120-PlegableThe adjustable louvers finds in this frame one of its best uses. When folding on a horizontal axis, both frames together form a visor that continues protecting from the high sun even with the window fully open. The triangular shape of the section gives a great stability to the group and allows wider cantilevers than those of simple visors.The system is even more effective if the slats are arranged vertically as in this case. As both perpendicular movements can be graduated (the folding of the panels and the orientation of the louvers), it is possible to achieve optimum combinations of illumination and solar protection. DESCRITPION:- Foldable application consists of 2 leaves hinged at the top to a perimeter frame. The folding movement of the sheets is made upwards, opening approximately 2/3 of the gap.- The slats can rotate from 0° to 125°, achieving the control of the entrance of light and exterior views. - The vertical folding-sliding can be performed manually or by electrical devices. The slat actuation is manual.

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