Gradpanel 80/120 – Horizontal sliding

It is a Venetian blind inserted in a horizontal sliding frame. It is a simple and a very suitable solution for external solar protection, both attached to the facade or glass and separated forming shaded intermediate spaces protected from the sun and the view.I used it in the residential building of the Illa de la Llum and I can guarantee their effectiveness giving privacy and solar protection to the terraces. The truth is that on these terraces as exposed to the waterfront, this enclosure was a bit overwhelmed by the wind. The brakes were a bit simple and if they were not tight, or the users had forgotten them, the panels ran down the guides during storms. However, the mechanical behaviour of the strips was correct and assayed with perpendicular loads equivalent to wind pressures of 400kg/m2.The big louvers are suitable for a large building like this but might not be proportional in smaller buildings or narrower frames. The ends of the slats, which were a bit rough, have been evolving favourably.DESCRIPTION:Sliding system formed by a perimeter frame (extruded aluminium, lacquered baked) incorporating GRADPANEL80 or GRADPANEL120 louver system. This frame hangs on the top by two or three points that slide along the upper guiding system. This upper guide can be placed outside or be inserted into the lintel. 

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