Wooden louvered shutters on a University building [493]

The building is covered by a facade of wooden slats made as needed, taking use and orientation into account. They are brisoleils, opaque parts or simple frames on openings. The exterior terraces and double-height interior spaces offer calm places closely integrated into the composition, suggesting a homogeneous silhouette that reinforces the identity and legibility of a facility that houses various functions.

The east-west orientation of this parallelepiped adapts to the prevailing winds, and the inner skin responds to functional inner requirements and to conditions of sunlight apportation in each direction of the building. On the north façade the opening of big gaps allows his views of the park and the correct lighting of the laboratories; on the south, the bris-soleil are adjustable in offices, and fixed in the classrooms and the research laboratories of muscle mechanics. Spread along the facades, based on the needs, suspended walkways and gardens are exchange places open outward, favouring the breathing of the building. Thus, the set is a real bioclimatic façade customizable on demand and designed to meet the need of visual or solar protection of the occupants.


General view of the building: 
Université de Technologie de Compiègne - Centre Pierre Guillaumat
66 Avenue de Landshut
60200 Compiègne

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Authorship of the graphical documentation: 

Ph1, Ph2, Ph3 : Frédéric Allinne
Ph4, Ph5 : Jean-Christophe Hecquet