Wooden lattice and light reflection in Zaragoza [423]

The building has several facades covered with a lattice of fixed horizontal wooden slats. The separation of the slats, their depth and orientation ensures the solar protection for a higher sunray inclination than 40º: any summer sun on the south facade.

On this south façade it is a very suitable solution and the result is outstanding, but in the west facades lower sun can penetrate, with its corresponding heat input and perhaps also with glaring problems.

On the south façade there is also a reflective system to capture light. The solution includes a metal blade, positioned slightly below the floor. Actually there are three coplanar plates. At one side, the interior one is fixed, at the other, at the same height of the wooden slats, another plate also fixed. And finally, in the centre, there is a rotating plate that is aligned with the others to achieve a wide reflective panel.

General view of the building: 
Ministerio de Hacienda
Jose Luis Albareda
Zaragoza , Zaragoza
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Courtesy of Llambí