Wicker filters for privacy in Toulon [533]

This guest pavilion occupies a small building next to a residence built in 1930. The pavilion is in perfect relation with surrounding garden but in the second floor bedroom protects its privacy with some interesting wicker filters. In the words of the architect:This ‘nest’ which occupies the upper volume of the shed is hidden from view by wickerwork screens. Like Venetian blinds or mucharabiehs, they allow a person to see without being seen. Wickerwork, a material designers commonly used for chairs, is here given a modern new lease of life.

I chose wicker for the screen because I wanted a living material, with its own imperfections and irregularities. This material is not static, the colour changes and it moves a little with the humidity. In the idea to be close to the nature, I didn’t want something controlled, fixed, which never changes. In this universe all controlled, I like the idea that something is not.Moreover, it was a way to make a link with the old building, with its old material which is close to 100 years old. It makes reference to our handcraft inheritage and it makes live this inheritage in a contemporary way.This material offers a very good quality of luminosity with a soothing colour of light that you can’t have with a «cold» material like metal.


General view of the building: 
Pavillon d’été Toulon

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