Vertical louvers on high school by Batlle & Roig [500]

The proposal for the new high school in Reus is based on the industrialized building criteria. The economic impact of the facade is reduced with a simple organization and standardization of construction and structural elements. 

The facades of the classes, oriented to the southeast and northwest, should be protected from direct radiation and excess of light. It would also be desirable that the solar protection allowed complete darkening during a projection.

The chosen system is Gradpanel-R, a layer of vertical slats that can pivot to allow light control throughout the day, as well as solar shading that contributes to thermal comfort in summer. It also gets almost complete darkening of the inner space when closed.

General view of the building: 
IES Roseta Mauri Reus

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Claudia Bottino, ETSAB Student

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Claudia Bottino, ETSAB Student