Tinted glass louvers on GAES headquarters, by Mizien [343]

It consists mostly of a double skin where the appearance is changing. It is a lively facade with slats in motion whose direction varies during the day depending on the position of sun and environmental conditions.

A piston system connected to a home automation weather station and a network of hidden engines actively maintains the facade standing. This skin ventilated and flexible, with a green color in different intensities, allowing also a full view from the inside but nuanced. The green tint sunscreen ensures about 30% reduction in radiation. The inner skin is separated 70 cm from the primary skin, forming a passable camera for maintenance and cleaning. Here is insulating glass, low emissivity. The facade also combines home automation control, the possibility of manual adjustment of sun protection.

The range of openings moves between two extreme positions: the completely enclosed glass slats, presenting an image of continuous glass or entirely open. The position is nearly closed position for protection against the sun in summer. This position allows constant ventilation, reinforced by the practical opening of the facade on the top, the chimney effect caused by suction. The fully closed position allows, in winter, a heat pad. 

General view of the building: 
GAES - Juan Gassó Bosch building
160, Pere IV
08005 Barcelona , Barcelona

Ph1, Ph2, Ph6, Ph7: Eugeni Pons courtesy of MIZIEN
Ph3, Ph4, Ph5: Ignacio Paricio