Terraza Grande in Boca Grande [362]

Boca Grande is a brand new restaurant at Barcelona, rehabilitated and redesigned by Lázaro Rosa-Violán. The importance of visual language is present in all his work, including the terrace.Thanks to the vegetation, colors and textures, you can be immersed in a warm space that meets the qualities of indoor and outdoor space:Adjustment of the direct solar radiation, water and wind tightness, thermal comfort, ...It's also possible to adapt the terrace to day and night situations, thanks to its filters or lighting, which plays an important role in relating to the vegetation planted in place. This vegetation also has the role of sunscreen in the south-west facade, the only remaining visually exposed to outdoor conditions, specifically connected to a small courtyard also belonging to the restaurant itself.

South-West facade view of Boca Grande terrace, during an intermediate state between day and night.It's possible to apreciate how warm is the atmosphere generated by all this old natural materials furniture in relation with lighting and vegetation of the space.

This Details Set shows how it's related the facade hollow (with all his different typologies) and the practicable sunscreen + her glass water protection + the terrace surface + her perimeter wall + vegetation.The facade hollow it's made of black wooden frames, same colour of the main structure showed on that picture, consisting of tubular steel beams and columns along with a traditional wooden sunscreen.Next you'll see 5 detail sheets, each one with a different purpose:1_Front elevation seeks to highlight the hollow geometry and both relations and typologies of each frame partition.2_The set of the frames details makes you realize the geometry and the filters practicability, while giving importance to such as these meet watertight envelope, thermal and mechanical.3_Horizontal section discloses the higer sunscreen structure and her stands, while discovering their relative position to the perimeter walls.4_Vertical sections determine just what proportion WxLxH has this space. Also allows to see some details of the lower plane, both inside and outside.5_Finally you can see the massing of the studied meeting, revealing materials, transparencies and details of structural supports. 

Boca Grande Intermediate Space
Passatge de la Concepció
08080 Barcelona , Barcelona
Intermediate Spaces: 
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Myself, Adrian Pedrazas Profumo

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APPhotography, Adrian Pedrazas Profumo