The scaly louvers facade on boathouse, in Brighton [371]

The Harry Parker Community Boat House is the seat of a rowing club situated in between the turnpike and the Charles River in Brighton, Massachusetts. These volume set includes a main building with general dependencies and a large warehouse of rowboats.

The facade of the first volume, which separates the changing room from the street, is covered with Prodema panels uniquely used. Actually it is a more or less conventional extensively glazed facade which has been covered with almost vertical slats forming an irregular scaly skin like the bark of a tree. In the façade, horizontal strips sometimes overlap drawing in a distant vision undulating traces.

The watertight facade is barely noticeable between those slats that provide sun protection and privacy from the street, which hides HVAC and facilities and make the unusual image of the building.

General view of the building: 
Community Rowing Boathouse
20 Nonantum Road
MA 02135 Brighton , Massachusetts
United States