Roller louvered shutter in Forum, Barcelona [164]

This is a nursing home and the design of the facade looks for direct visual relationship with the street. Therefore forms an inclined plane with prefabricated concrete elements hiding the roller of the shutter. The shutter is placed outward to facilitate the view from the bed to the street and to increase the space of the room when it is more or less closed.

The shutter is a roller shutter but has a special device that permits to rotate the slats to the closed position. This manipulation can be done from the head of the bed. (See Supergradhermetic)

The rails and the supports as a whole form an industrialized device of easy assembly but able to adapt to the free polygonal shape of the building.

General view of the building: 
08019 Barcelona , Barcelona

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Lluís Casals Photo detail: Ana Bertero, ETSAB student

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David Mimbrero - Tectónica 22