Reflective curtains in Zurich offices [541]

Willy Arets has used, for the first time to my knowledge, reflective solar protection curtains in an office building. Vassal Lacaton have already been doing it recently in residential buildings.

This is a facade consisting of two glasses separated by a chamber in which is placed a reflective curtain. The glass occupies the entire facade, but each module has a frame with an interposed opaque printed screen. I cannot say I like the result. After the brilliance of glass, mottled pattern screenprinting, transported from the Mies Barcelona Pavilion, in contrast to the silver curtains doesn't seem very grateful.

Conceptually, the solution is brilliant. The silver curtain may reflect 90% of the radiation received and reflected waves will pass through the outer glass again. The curtain can be manipulated according to the requirements of use inside and outside climate. For many years I have advocated that the recovery of old linen curtains, the ancestral albenda may suggest valuable contemporary architecture solutions.

General view of the building: 
Allianz Headquarters
Richtiplatz 1
8034 Wallisellen
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