Private terraces by Nouvel in Ibiza [428]

The terraces of these apartments are specially protected both from the sun and views from the surrounding streets (though that privacy protection has not been brought to the bedrooms, which windows are facing through façade patios).

The protection is based on a lattice of aluminium louvers; most of them fixed, but some are adjustable. The terraces are permanently protected by these louvers that can be placed horizontal, opening views towards Formentera and Dalt de la Vila, while still protecting from direct sunlight.

Also the louvers change depending on its situation. Some are opaque but some are totally or partially micro perforated to acquire some transparency.

General view of the building: 
life marina ibiza - building A 07800 Eivissa , Illes Balears
Illes Balears
Intermediate Spaces: 

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Photos by courtesy of Llambí

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By courtesy of Llambí
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