Plexiglass folding shutters [139]

These custom made folding shutters provide an appearance of flags hanging off the building, while providing solar shading and outward vision.

Every folding element consists of two panels connected by hinges. The hinges for 1,504 plates were custom-made and screwed to the panels by means of rubber-cushioned individual brackets. The position of these folding shutters is controlled centrally; by an electrical motor per story. However, they can also be adjusted individually.

The blinds must be able to withstand all kinds of weather and extreme fluctuations in temperature. Unlike fabric constructions, Plexiglas possesses the necessary structural qualities and can remain very slender, even when executed as a large pane - the individual panels are only 6 millimeters thick. Moreover, the acrylic glass used, "Plexiglas satinice" by Evonik, filters out UV light as well as offering very strong and, at the same time, pleasant light filtration.

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