Pivoting slats shutter on balcony [526]

The balconies of this administrative building in Fraga are protected by panels of slats, pivoting around a vertical axis. This vertical axis coincides with the railing, so this has a fragmentation adapted to the rotation of the panel. This overlapping of elements makes an outer image of fragmented window.

As we can see in the inner pictures, this element is not enough to protect the interior from direct sunlight. On the contrary, the fact that the sun's rays are partially blocked and arrive to the table with striped shadows makes its use very uncomfortable.

Perhaps for this fact some inner shades are installed. Although they can achieve the light comfort, they are too dark to reflect the rays to the outside of the glass, being heated by the greenhouse effect.

General view of the building: 
Ayuntamiento de Fraga
Paseo Barrón - Cegonyer 11
22520 Fraga , Huesca
Intermediate Spaces: 

David Solé Cabrerizo, ETSAB student

Authorship of the graphical documentation: 

David Solé Cabrerizo, ETSAB student