Perforated metal sheets as curtains [531]

The façade of these houses has been resolved with a golden anodized aluminium sheet, undulated like a curtain. That plate hides the floor edges, builds parapets of the terraces and is also used as solar protection on terraces and windows.

The solution is imperfect since the solar protection elements are fixed and do not allow to close the entire facade. Furthermore, the drillings don’t allow adaptation to the changing demands of the sun.

However, the result is very interesting due to its curtain effect. The foregoing limitations are minimized by differentiating the degree of perforation. According to the sketch, the drillings are reduced in the north side of the fold to increase protection on the sunniest orientation.

General view of the building: 
Garland apartments Zetland
17 Gadigal Avenue
Sydney , New South Wales
New South Wales
Intermediate Spaces: 
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