Overhung walkway as solar shading, Banco Bilbao tower [273]

On the Bank of Bilbao, Oíza designs the facade as a combination of rusted steel and reddish glass, patterning different height of floors with the service walkways. This facade resorts to crafts to solve many of its problems, more to get the building that Oízas imagined than based on technological reasons.

The overhanging at the height of each floor, which is a fundamental element in the composition of the building, is actually an elaborated set of crafted elements: railing, walkway, metal profiles, vent pipes, etc. This set is more oriented towards that compositional role than to the two functions entrusted to it: the cleaning of glazing and solar protection.

This decomposition of the original walkway allows the disappearance of the solar protection plane on the north facade, remaining only the cleaning walkway.
The truth is that this solar protection is insufficient. It seems that the architect subordinated solar protection to facade composition.


General view of the building: 
Banco Bilbao tower
Paseo de la Castellana 71
28046 Madrid , Madrid
Outer element: 

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