Nested window in Casa de las Conchas, by Lopez Cotelo [029]

In the restoration of the “Casa de las Conchas” (House of Shells) in Salamanca, Victor Lopez Cotelo used wood operable leaf where he inserted nested windows. The strong presence of wood windows suggests shapes and colours more accurate to the historical gaps. The size of the glasses, suits the various functions of the interior spaces.

This is the simplest window of the whole building. The glass gets a seal closure thanks to modern devices, that compress it with the recessing.

The detail shows the treatment of a wood and thermal insulation sandwich leaf. Actually it is an opaque panel as in a wooden facade but embedded in a hinged frame. The fitting shows the manipulation of glass with a bar that when moving down compresses the glass against the gasket and keeps strength thanks to a mechanism of eccentricity.

General view of the building: 
Casa de las Conchas
C/ de Meléndez
Salamanca , Salamanca

A.L. Baltanas - E. Sanchez