\"MOSCA\" Temps de Flors [529]

58 springs have passed, with May bringing colour to the Jewish district in Girona. The flowers blossom atop the old stones, refreshing the city.This year, our proposal lies within the yard of the house Sambola, its floral history dripping from the stones of its boundary walls.The intervention is an implementation of the traditional elements that are part of Girona’s collective imagination:- The flies, narcissistic saviours of the French siege of Girona.- The curtains that flank many doors, unforgiving barriers for the flies, their musical chimes welcoming us.- The lavender that has scented the Mediterranean lands since humans first dwelt there.At 13, Carrer de la Força, flies circle relentlessly but the golden curtains will not let them pass. They filter the view of the interior, varying it’s transparency according to the position of the viewer. The continuous sound of the curtain as people trespasses them melts with whispers about what they believe they glimpse and what they suspect to smell. Beyond the vibrant limits, the curious eyes discover the blooming lavender fields, which keep the pesky insects away. The curtains are placed to redirect the gaze to the architectural elements of the courtyard. It becomes a place of discovery and recovery, a vibrant backdrop, an improvised photocall, a bucolic setting, a place for inhabitation, and the games of children.

The curtains filter the views varying their transparency according to the position of the viewer. Perpendicular views pass through, oblique views become untransparent.

The curtain is made of small, anodised aluminium mesh.

General view of the building: 
de la Força 13
17004 Girona , Girona
Intermediate Spaces: 

Joan Guillamat, Pau Sarquella

Authorship of the graphical documentation: 

Pau Sarquella, Carmen Torres