Mobile reflective panel illuminating inner offices [518]

[to see the case of the reflective system in façade CLICK HERE]The Benish & Partner studio won the competition of the pharmaceutical Genzyme headquarters in Cambridge. The project is one of the best examples of contemporary sustainable design. In the other case of this building we treat its reflective elements in façade, which bring light to the entire depth of the office. But in this case what concerns us is the reflective lighting system of the central patio.

It is a complex reflective system that starts in the mobile heliostats, large mirrors located on the roof. They follow the path of the sun throughout the day, reflecting sunlight onto a set of fixed mirrors which then direct light down into the atrium. The prismatic louvers deflect direct sunlight, allowing only diffuse light through the skylight into the atrium.

This light is directed to a central component in the light enhancement system, the chandelier that consists of 768 animated prismatic plates that distribute light from the skylight into interior spaces throughout the building. The movement of these plates creates an atmosphere of sparkles and flashes all around the central patio.[to see the case of the reflective system in façade CLICK HERE]

General view of the building: 
Genzyme Center
500 Kendall St
02142 Cambridge , Massachusetts
United States
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