Louvers on middle heigh of the window [512]

Àngel Guimerà School, in Sant Andreu de la Barca, has been renovated and expanded to adapt the building to current educational requirements and to accomplish building regulations.One of the most important parts of the project was the renovation of the facade of the existing building.

Among some other changes, there is the incorporation of horizontal pivoting aluminium slats. The group of slats does not occupy the whole opening, only the upper part. So that, when the slats are closed the gap is not completely covered. This thin uncovered strip allows a slight entrance of light, which makes both the use of the whiteboard and handwriting compatible. 

Moreover, as we can see in the photographs, the strip coincides with the height of the view when sitting, so the system also allows a good visual relation whatever the position of the slats is.

General view of the building: 
Escola Àngel Guimerà
Av. Bonaventura Pedemonte, 2
08740 Sant Andreu de la Barca , Barcelona

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Marta Ensenyat, ETSAB student

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Marta Ensenyat, ETSAB student