Louvered shutter and inner soft curtain in Martorell [194]

The purpose of the solution of solar protection on this house, in a small street in Martorell was to provide a comfortable light with the possibility of being controlled from the inside.

Basically it consists of two elements: the exterior shutter with pivoting louvers and the inner curtain.
The slats, pivoting in the whole height of the opening, work as direct protection allowing, with a gradation, from total input to obstruction of light and radiation.The inner curtain can sift and distribute the light, becoming a soft filter that favours good diffusion of light while also taking privacy into account. 

It is important that the outer slats are grouped into three horizontal stripes, which allows moving them according to its height, which makes even more compatible outside views and solar protection.

General view of the building: 
carrer de Josep Anselm Clavé
08760 MARTORELL , Barcelona
Intermediate Spaces: 

Cristina Linares Francés

Authorship of the graphical documentation: 

Cristina Linares Francés