Inner venetian blind asisting fixed louvered shutters [503]

The openings of this UPC building are protected on the outer side by fixed louvered shutters, in different directions depending on the façade: parallel to the façade in south orientation, and with some angle in northwest façade. These shutters don’t cover the whole opening, thus they cannot protect against glare nor get complete darkening, but they create an interesting light entrance. 

This light entrance is not appropriate in offices and classrooms. That is why they have to be assisted by an inner protection (venetian blinds in this case). It is not possible to get complete darkening with venetian blinds, but they protect from glare and allow the regulation of the entrance of light throughout the day.


General view of the building: 
B4 module of UPC North Campus in Barcelona
C/ Jordi Girona, 1-3
08034 Barcelona , Barcelona

PH1, PH7 PH8: Andrés Bagur Carreras, ETSAB student 2014
PH2, PH3, PH4, PH5, PH6: Pieràngela Humet, ETSAB student 2013

Authorship of the graphical documentation: 

Pieràngela Humet, ETSAB student 2013