A green building in Cambridge [560]

[to see the case of the roof reflectors in the same building CLICK HERE]What’s interesting of this case is an efficient and clear functioning of the façade. More than 30 percent of the building has a glass envelope, called a loggia, that creates a thin space between the glass window exterior of the building and the office space. This corridor helps keep the building at a constant temperature as it acts as an insulator. Flaps, which anyone can open, allow air to come into the building from the outside. Each office has smart sensors to control lighting and temperature. ©2010 Martin LaMonica/CNET News.com

Along the exterior glass, computer-controlled blinds automatically track the sun’s position and open to desired angles to let light in while deflecting heat. All of the blinds close automatically at night to prevent light pollution in the surrounding neighbourhood.

The shape and the reflective surface of the louvers are combined with a reflective ceiling, to introduce the light to the entire depth of the office.A computerized building management system monitors the climate inside the offices and kicks in when it senses stuffiness, while individual thermostats allow occupants to adjust their personal environments. “The ability to control the temperature creates a sense of comfort,” says Wood. Those user stations when combined with an efficient double-glazed façade and motorized blinds allow the Company to save energy. Genzyme estimates the center’s energy costs to be 42 percent lower than traditional offices of its size.[to see the case of the roof reflectors in the same building CLICK HERE]

General view of the building: 
Genzyme Center
500 Kendall St
02142 Cambridge , Massachusetts
United States
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