Gloom in the beach [544]

It is comforting to realize that in a small space as a beach hut, we can get such a different kind of filters and windows. There are lots of types of blinds, made of different materials (plastic, wood and fabric) and different windows that provide these refuges of maximum comfort.We can see on the drawing all filters and enclosures that give the house an extraordinary comfort, despite its size. The possibilities offered by these filters allow the transformation of spaces according to the needs and the time of day, and thus a small house becomes a creator of spaces. 

The picture shows the covered terrace, where we can enjoy the views on the sea while protected from the sun rays. The same rollers, when extended, work as closure of the space.The rail also acts as a shelf and as a seat in the shade.

In the detail we can see the section of a beach hut. From the roller blinds that surround the shaded terrace to the thin fabric that visually separates the kitchen from the main room.

General view of the building: 
Platja 08871 Garraf , Barcelona
Intermediate Spaces: 
Outer element: 

Cal destecar que cada caseta està dotada d'una gran varietat d'obertures i filtres.


Bernat Pérez Llabot

Authorship of the graphical documentation: 

Bernat Pérez Llabot