Gaudí 3: Windowed balcony in Palau Güell [335]

Gaudí built in Güell Palace, between 1886 and 1889, a wonderful bay window with a formal rhetoric worthy of Star Wars. It is a viewpoint-gallery that opens onto the back terrace and is protected by some pivoting slats. The wooden slats are broader than normal and are grouped into vertical strips.

The set is divided into three floors of windows and blinds. The lowest and most important is the biggest, above which  two smaller floors are staggered inward, illuminating the entire space without affecting the privacy of the lower space. In the lower part, the segmentation in pairs of vertical strips separated by spectacular vertical water pipes and gargoyles of glazed pottery gives it a colorful and exotic look.

The slats pivot with complex mechanisms based on cables and levers which independently move each strip of the various levels. Third level blinds are handled together with the Photo 4 cables. The first level is handled one by one with the chains of the Photo 3.

General view of the building: 
Nou de la Rambla
Barcelona , Barcelona
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