Gallery with a typical canary style [352]

This gallery, oriented southeast, reaches of great dimensions two rooms neighboring unheated, apart from creating a pleasant space itself.
This is an intermediate space because it provides a place on the outside but with an interior conditions. Thus, you can enjoy all kinds of activities having relaxation that can provide an outdoor space.

It consists of a series of glazed guillotine practicable vertically windows which in excessively hot days if open at the ends of the gallery, the air flow would touch our skin giving us a pleasant feeling of freshness. Moreover, in colder seasons, this large number of small crystals tries to capture as much solar radiation as possible.
As the climate of the area, both in winter and summer is gentle . A simple curtain or Estor on the inside of this gallery is enough to create a more comfortable environment.

Description of the filter system that has this galleryThe gallery window's system consists on wooden sash type of riga (Canadian pine). This System is problematic in several respects. First has a problem of insulation between the leaves, as sash windows when the distance between the leaves must be considerable so that they slide smoothly. Secondly, in some cases per sudden temperature changes have wood swells impedes its opening. Finally the maintenance of wood and all the small crystals that make up the gallery, the work difficult and expensive for their care.Roof. On the roof you can see the beams protruding supporting a wooden slat macihembrado riga.Floor. red ceramic tiles give freshness to the room.Curiosity. placement of windows visual matches the exterior has a seated person.

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