Gallery in between filters [361]

We can see a lot of filters that make this gallery an interesting and comfortable place. It is an interior that can become an exterior just opening the doors and onto a large terrace. But also, it can be just another room of the house with just closing the sliding doors and, for more privacy, opaque shutters. It is a multi-purpose space due to the variability that allow the different filters.

The succession of filters create an intermediate space which can, depending on the position of these, interact with the outside or inside. Each time you can create spaces that suit to our needs.On the exterior there is an awning that regulates the entry of sunlight. The building is located south-west and the light of noon-late entering the space.Currently the awning mechanism is rusty and the apartment is uninhabited, but in addition to the fixed filters that we find, you could add some curtains or blinds adjustable slats to improve the quality of the place.

In the construction detail see a plant in proportion and a cross section that cuts the wall with sliding filters and the outer wall that connects to the terrace.Then there are two expansions we see in more detail the woodwork and as linking the filters with the inner wall.These are schemes that allow to imply a sense of proportion in space.

General view of the building: 
c/ Tuset
08006 Barcelona , Barcelona
Intermediate Spaces: