Folding and pivoting slats in Madrid [387]

This is an interesting case of rehabilitation of an office building converted into luxury apartments. The front faces west and sunscreen is solved by placing a filter that extends outside of the railings of the small terraces covering the whole building.

The filter consists of racks about the entire height between floors which are collected laterally by folding. Each rack has three vertical blades that rotate about a central vertical axis. Each slat is formed by a microperforated sheet. The inner image shows the effectiveness of the protection.

Filters can go from fully retract folding the wings to close fully collecting and placing the slats parlelas to the facade. The microperforations keeps rooms lit and protected in this case fully closed. 

General view of the building: 
Bravo Murillo
Intermediate Spaces: 

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Julián Fernandez
Ignacio Paricio

Authorship of the graphical documentation: