Exterior vertical sliding fabrics as solar shading [071]

Operable exterior shade screens create a dynamic façade that changes its appearance depending on the time of the day and the will of the users. These screens can be extended down over each one of the windows in order to protect the interior spaces from the morning glare. 

The glass façade is protected by a rollout textile shade that can be automatically extended when needed, or retracted for more natural light if desired.The inclination of these shades not only provides the building with a more expressive façade but it also helps creating a ventilated buffer zone in front of the glazing while permitting lateral views of the exterior.

The street façade of the offices is completely different than the inner courtyard one. While the textiles help creating a lighter façade for the garden side of the building, a double glass façade composed by adjustable vertical glass louvers gives the front side a much more urban character. 

General view of the building: 
Friedrichstraße 40, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
10969 Berlin , Berlin