Exterior translucent fabric louvers [048]

A glass curtain wall is wrapped by a second dynamic skin made of translucent elements, both fixed and operable. They function as sunshade and anti-glare screen, while permitting the entrance of diffuse light to the interior space.

Elements consist of a membrane fitted to an aluminum frame. The whole group form a second layer one meter from the curtain wall. Most of these elements are horizontal pivoting louvers that form a shade that provides sunshade to the offices. The membrane fitted to both sides of the operable frame is made of a glass fiber fabric with a 13% light transmittance. Meanwhile, the fixed elements that work as rails are slightly different, they are made of a translucent open-pore material that allows occupants a view of the surroundings. Consequently, when the louvers are closed the interior spaces enjoy a general diffused lighting. When opened they allow exterior views and efficiently function as sunshades as well as sun reflector elements.

The façade permits individual but also central control thanks to sensors that, depending on the solar radiation at each time of the day, make the operable louvers open as much as needed to provide an adequate lighting to the different, single and double-heighted, interior spaces.

General view of the building: 
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